Birth doula client testimonials

‘Hiring Hannah as our Doula was without a doubt the best decision my wife and I made in preparation for our daughter’s birth. We knew immediately after our first meeting that she was right for us. Rather than make recommendations, she gave us all the information we needed to decide what was right for us. She would offer her opinion if asked, but at no point pressured us one way or the other, and the very few times we disagreed she completely accepted our choices. This meant that going into the birth we felt as prepared as possible, and knew she had our backs 100%. As it turned out, there were unforeseen complications and rather than a natural home birth with only gas and air, Cassandra needed an induction, epidural and eventual emergency cesarean section. But Hannah being there with us meant that although not much went as planned, we both look back on the birth of our (healthy!) daughter with very positive emotions, and are totally happy with the decisions we made at the time. The single greatest contribution to our positive experience was having her with us when things went wrong. She enabled us to make the best decisions on the fly that we could, and gave us the confidence in our choices we so desperately needed. Without Hannah, it would have been an awful experience that resulted in lots of guilt and resentment. With her, it became a very happy and positive one with just bad luck! We would 100% recommend her services to anyone expecting, and when we have a second child will certainly be calling on her again!’ Chris and Cassandra, first baby

‘I started looking for a doula due to my severe SPD in late pregnancy. I was in a lot of pain physically, leaving the house only on crutches or with a wheelchair, and I was also struggling emotionally – losing confidence that my body was capable of labour when it was so unbearable even just to walk. Hannah was just what I was looking for – up to date with current best practice, involved with NCT and my local hospital, positive and confident about my ability to birth my baby, whilst realistic about the fact that birth plans are rarely followed!  She was great with me and my husband before, during and after the birth of our beautiful son, always happy to answer questions and be a calm and friendly source of support and reliable information. I’d recommend Hannah to anyone.’ Jennie and Jimmy, parents to Jimmy

“I knew Hannah was perfect within minutes of meeting her.  I knew that we shared the same values, and this was of paramount importance to me in selecting a doula.  Hannah was calming and reassuring in this antenatal period, and made me feel much more positive about the pregnancy and labour.  It was just nice to have a shoulder to cry on, and to get the kind of reassurance I needed to hear, which was that I was going to be fine and would be able to cope with labour.  During the labour itself Hannah was amazing.  I have very clear memories of Hannah placing and replacing a cool washcloth on my head, which was scented with lavender (my favourite scent), and it provided the most blissful relief!  She held my hand through the most difficult parts of transition and got me past the stages where I didn’t think I would be able to go on.  I’m surprised I didn’t break her fingers through squeezing but for someone so tiny she is amazingly strong!  When I was having a bit of an emotional breakdown in the postnatal period as Conor had prolonged jaundice, wasn’t really having dirty nappies and was feeding erratically, it was Hannah I called and she came within an hour to help me look at breastfeeding positions and latch, and he began to feed much more efficiently after that.  I can’t recommend enough having a doula for support during labour, especially if a natural birth is the outcome you want to achieve. I hope knowledge about the services a doula can provide becomes more widespread in this country as it’s an absolute necessity for every women to have a doula by her side in labour.” Marianna and Mike, first baby

“We decided to hire a doula after I was scheduled for an induction against my wishes even when there was no medical reason.  Stephanie was there for me right through labour, offering support and assuring me that everything was ok.  She was very focused and even waited up with me during the night to give my husband some much needed rest.  Even though the birth of my daughter didn’t go as planned and was very traumatic, it made all the difference having Stephanie there when I was very vulnerable as she assured me that the health professionals were making the right decisions on my behalf.  I am so grateful to Stephanie for her dedication.  Her services included practical help such as loaning me a TENS machine and also nice touches like providing scented oils, coconut water and dried apricot during labour.  Although we are not planning for another child at the moment, we would hire Stephanie again if we did.  She was definitely worth the money”. Ruth and Alistair, first baby

“The best and most impactful decision my husband and I made prior to our daughter’s birth was to ask Hannah to be our doula. From our first meeting, throughout the birth journey and after our daughter’s arrival, Hannah was positive, encouraging, supportive and respectful to both of us and to our hopes for our birth experience. We could not have asked for a more dedicated person to have supported us through what was quite a lengthy and at times challenging birth, which required more intervention than we had originally been hoping for. We were very grateful that Hannah was there to guide us through the process and speak up for us so my husband could concentrate on supporting me. She knew just what to say at all the right moments, and also when to step back and let the two of us have time together. Because of Hannah’s involvement we knew that our birth was as close to what we were hoping for as possible, and although an induction was my nightmare scenario we came through feeling that we had had a very positive experience and given our daughter the best possible start.” Victoria and Jack, first baby

“Hannah provided invaluable support during the birth of my daughter, making calming and practical suggestions throughout a very long day, resulting in a stress-free birth.” Alex and Bart, first baby

“Due to an extremely difficult birth with my first son and complications to my body after the birth I decided I really wanted to hire a Doula for my second birth. The most important thing for me second time round was continuous support.

 Stephanie was a continuous support on the lead up to my birth both practically and emotionally. She is extremely experienced and knowledgeable she took the time to build a relationship with myself and my family so when the time came to give birth she felt like she was part of the family. She is caring and considerate and is also aware of other family members and their needs giving space for my husband to have time with me alone and also keeping my my mum updated with progress. Stephanie took the time to understand what I wanted from my birth experience and she helped me think about what was important to me this time round. Having the confidence and peace of mind that Stephanie would be my advocate during the birth and after helped me relax knowing someone was looking after my wishes and needs.

I had an amazing empowering healing birth with only a small amount of pain relief at the very end. Throughout labour I felt I was in tune with my body and confident that I could give birth without fear. I never believed that giving birth could be such a wonderful experience and I can confidently say that I know Stephanie supported and helped me achieve this.

After the birth Stephanie was just as supportive and helped me reflect back on the birth and talk through anything that I needed to.

Stephanie is supportive, experienced, caring, knowledgeable and I would recommend her to first time mums, second or anyone who wants to have a positive empowering birth experience.

If we have another baby I would want to have a Doula again but most importantly I would want Stephanie to be mine!!!!”  Christina and Jamie, second baby, November 2015

Postnatal doula client testimonials

“When we met Stephanie, we immediately felt she was the right person for our family. We had no problem with the idea of leaving our newborn & toddler who’d never been cared for by anyone other than us since his birth in her care. Stephanie played well with my toddler and cared for my newborn whilst I took much needed rest from the previous sleepless night as a result of numerous night feeds. As an NCT doula, Stephanie showed professionalism whilst she was in our home.” Mother of two children

‘How can I possibly express what the support from Hannah has meant to me?!  From the first meeting before I gave birth I knew she would be the perfect doula for our family and I was right. Calm, capable, loving and tender with my newborn and no-nonsense, supportive and practical with me, Hannah restored the zen to those first months, all with a smile and, most importantly, humour and understanding. I can’t recommend her highly enough’ Anissa, first baby





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