Stephanie Bell

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Hi and many congratulations if you are an expecting parent!

I live in Leigh between Tonbridge and Sevenoaks with my husband and three children. I am French but have been living in England since 1996 and am a true anglophile! My children were born in various hospitals across England but I see these births  as truly life changing moments and my experiences have sparked my ongoing interest for childbirth.

After settling in Kent, I looked for a career which would enable me to nurture my passion for pregnancy and birth, I trained with the NCT and have been teaching antenatal classes in Tonbridge and Sevenoaks since 2011. Being part of a couple’s journey into becoming a family is a privilege and I love listening to and supporting new parents through this part of their lives.

Now that my children are a little older, I  can spend more time on my passion for supporting couples and becoming an NCT Doula seems like the natural progression to my role as an antenatal practitioner.

I am a member of the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Maternity Services Liaison committee (Birth voices). She meets regularly with other birth professionals and health teams to discuss and improve services available to new parents in West Kent.

I believe in mothers’ innate ability to give birth and am keen to empower women to trust their own bodies. I use my skills and knowledge of the birth process to provide optimal emotional and physical support throughout pregnancy, labour and birth

I provide continuous and individualised support for both parents in a variety of settings and situations and help them achieve the positive birth experience they want.

During labour I can bring a calm and serene presence and can help women feel more comfortable through massage, relaxation and breathing techniques. I can also help mothers adopt upright positions to encourage the natural birth process.

I am  aware that childbirth can take unexpected turns and I am keen to ensure parents are listened to and part of the decision process whatever the situation may be.
I understands that, sometimes, labour and birth can also be a little overwhelming for partners and I will be able to show them how they can help the labouring mother while looking after their own needs.

As a Doula, I will meet you at least three times to build a close working relationship and listen to your ideas about the birth. I will consider your wishes and help you write a birth plan, making sure it is read and considered by the medical team.
I will also be offering advice and support via email or phone.
I will be on call for four weeks around your due date and will be with you throughout your labour and birth. After the birth, I will visit you to listen to and discuss your feelings about your experience. If required, I will provide the necessary support and practical help in the early postnatal period.


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