Hannah Appelgren

Hi, I live in Tonbridge, Kent and have three children. I had my first two children when living in London and both were born in hospital. My third child was born at home in Tonbridge. As well as being an NCT doula, I am an NCT Yoga for Pregnancy teacher and NCT antenatal teacher (I mostly facilitate courses in Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells). 

I am an active member of the local NCT branch and moderate the branch Facebook group and twitter account. I am the current chair of the local MSLC (Birth Voices) which works towards improving maternity services and I therefore have very good links with Tunbridge Wells Hospital and Maidstone Birth Centre.

I have a strong belief and confidence in a woman’s inherent ability to give birth, but I also understand the challenges that labour and birth can bring. In my role as a doula I offer both emotional and physical support to the woman and her partner. I understand that all women are individuals, and therefore have individual requirements which I will endeavour to meet. I can help with breathing, massage and relaxation techniques when required as well as suggesting different positions to help facilitate a straightforward birth. I can offer support whether a woman is planning to give birth in hospital, in a birth centre or at home.




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