Frequently Asked Questions

Can I meet you before I decide to book?

Yes! Both Hannah and Stephanie are very happy to meet prospective clients informally to discuss the doula service and answer any questions you may have. They understand that it is very important for a woman and her partner to feel completely at ease with their chosen doula and recognise that it can be a good idea to meet a few doulas before making a decision.

What are your qualifications?

Hannah and Stephanie both hold a Diploma of Higher Education in Antenatal Education from the University of Bedfordshire and a Certificate of Higher Education in Applied Sciences: Birth Companion from the University of Worcester. We regularly attend study days for our continued professional development, which include midwifery and obstetric update days. Hannah is also a trained NCT Relax, Stretch and Breathe teacher and runs weekly classes in Tonbridge.

I want to book, so what happens next?

You will be given an NCT client agreement to check and sign and asked to pay a deposit to confirm the booking. As soon as this is done, either Hannah or Stephanie (depending on who you prefer or who is available for your due date) will organise a date to meet up to discuss your birth preferences. You will have a minimum of two antenatal meetings before the birth and further support via email and telephone. Full payment is required before the ‘on call’ period. You may pay in instalments if you prefer, please feel free to discuss this with your doula.

Will both Hannah and Stephanie be at my birth?

No, your booking will be with either Hannah or Stephanie. However you may meet both of them at one of your antenatal meetings as they work together and offer back up if necessary.
This is a great advantage of booking an NCT Kent Doula.

If I hire a doula, will my partner feel left out of the birth?

Absolutely not. Hiring a doula can help your partner to feel even more involved in the birth than he or she may have felt without a doula present. Having a doula present often allows the partner to feel happy and relaxed, knowing there is another person there to offer support too. A doula will make sure that your partner is involved as much as they want to be, and this will have been thoroughly discussed and planned for before your labour starts. A doula can make suggestions to your partner of ways to support you, for example with massage guidance. This article discusses lots of ways in which hiring a doula helps dads (or other birth partners)

What area do you cover?

Hannah and Stephanie live in West Kent, they are happy to meet clients living in this area and also further afield in Kent and surrounding counties. They are both very familiar with Tunbridge Wells Hospital and the Maidstone Birth Centre, but are also happy to support clients at other maternity units as well as for homebirths.

My baby is due really soon, is it too late to book a doula?

It’s never too late to book a doula! Please contact us to check our availability.

I’d love a doula, but I can’t afford the fee.

Please contact us, we are happy to discuss payment options and tailor our fees to reflect individual circumstances.

Do you offer a postnatal doula service?

Yes we do, the rate for our postnatal doula service is £15 p/h (minimum 3 hours) Please go to the postnatal doula service tab at the top of the page or email us for more details.


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