‘The pitfalls of going with the flow in birth’

A recent birth doula client of mine just emailed me this article. She’s getting around to writing a testimonial, but in the meantime she felt the article summed up her reasons for hiring me.

In my work facilitating antenatal courses for the NCT I often hear women saying that they are planning on just ‘going with the flow’. It’s a common default setting. I probably said it when I was pregnant with my first baby. And as the author of the article writes, it’s the safe way of saying ‘I have no idea, I am scared stiff…’ This is fairly understandable when you consider the way childbirth is predominantly portrayed in our culture. But, as the NHS choices website reminds us ‘giving birth is generally safe wherever you choose to have your baby’. So why is birth so shrouded in fear? And we know that pain is increased with fear, which is really exacerbating the situation. 

So, as a doula, I encourage women to face their fears, talk to their tigers so that when they go into labour, they can leave their fears at the door and concentrate on the good, powerful, instinctive business of giving birth. 


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