The power of affirmations

Recently I attended a study day where we discussed affirmations and the power of positive thinking. We were encouraged to write our own affirmations on small pieces of coloured paper, which we then rolled up to make beads. I’ve had some difficult personal things going on at the moment, so my affirmation read ‘I am strong’ and it has helped me to recall this strength when I have been feeling down.

Last week my daughter was dancing in a competition. She struggles with her confidence and self belief sometimes, so I encouraged her to think up some dance affirmations, which she whispered to herself every night before she went to sleep for a few weeks leading up to the dance festival. Her confidence soared and she danced the best I have ever seen her.

When a woman approaches the birth of her child with a lack of confidence in her body’s ability to safely birth she is at a disadvantage. Making and repeating birth affirmations can transform her emotional state so that she begins the birth process with power and strength, rather than fear and anxiety.

‘I am strong’

For some great suggestions for pregnancy and birth affirmations take a look here


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