Inspiring women

This afternoon a good friend posted a link on Facebook about 6 women climbing the Shard in London to bring attention to the plight of the Arctic and potential drilling for oil there. She doesn’t normally post on Facebook so I thought I’d look into it! I clicked on the link and started to read about these women. I watched them scaling this gigantic glass structure and I marvelled at their courage, determination and endurance to be able to do such an amazing thing. Their climb took 15 hours to get to the top, a similar length of time as to birth a baby. I imagine they had moments when they wondered if they’d ever make the top, as the summit of the Shard towered over them, did they question their climbing abilities? Did one of the women say to her climbing companion… ‘I don’t think I can do this…’

And perhaps her climbing companion held out her hand, looked her in the eye and whispered ‘yes you can! I believe in you and I know you can do this!’


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