Children and positive images of birth

I’m currently working with a couple of teachers and governors at my daughter’s primary school, reviewing the school’s SRE policy (Sex and relationships education). I’ve been feeling a bit of a lone voice in the discussions we’ve had so far, almost ready to walk away. I received a tweet yesterday from the Positive Birth Movement which has remotivated me (thank you!) with a link to an article Milli Hill wrote for the Huffington Post, link at the bottom.

Fear of birth I believe starts young, and so the images we show our children at school do matter, so I will keep trying to encourage my daughter’s school to make a difference.


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  1. Update to this post! My daughter’s school have been looking at various birth films that I have shown them, and they are very happy to show the children a waterbirth and a homebirth to complement the current material they are using. I’m really pleased and will be interested to hear the feedback from the children themselves, I’ll keep you posted! Hannah

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