Finding your element

My last post contained a brief nod to Ken Robinson, in my reference to having found my element. (If you’re not familiar with Ken, check out his facebook or twitter account for some truly inspiring discussion primarily about education). In a recent interview he said that…

‘The quest for your Element is really a two-way journey: an inner journey to explore what lies within you — to get away from the world of constant clutter, noise, distraction, and criticism — and an outward journey to explore opportunities in the world around you’.

For me, my journey to being a doula has been exactly this. I’m very fortunate to be able to combine my work with something I am passionate about. I don’t believe you can be a doula if you do not have this; being ‘on call’, juggling my own family’s needs, being available 24/7, putting some of ‘my stuff’ on hold for someone else definitely has it’s ups and downs. But being there for a woman (and her partner) as they embark on the tremendous adventure that is birth and parenthood, is both humbling and rewarding and has enabled me to find my element.

The full interview with Ken Robinson can be read here


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