There’s change afoot for the NCT Kent doulas!

Stephanie has now stepped down as a doula and has begun her journey to become a midwife with the University of Kent. I am absolutely sure that she will be an AMAZING midwife, and there will be some very lucky couples experiencing her care in the not too distant future.

Good luck Steph! 

After a bit of a break from doula-ing to further her training with the NCT, Hannah will be offering her services when she can. Please get in touch to ask about her availability. 

An NCT Doula will:-

  • Meet with you three times before the birth
  • Respond promptly to all emails and be available for telephone contact
  • Help you to put together a birth plan whether you are going to have your baby at home, in a birth centre or in hospital
  • Be ‘on call’ for 4 weeks around your due date
  • Stay with you throughout your labour and birth, and communicate with medical and midwifery staff so you can focus on your own needs
  • Support you emotionally, offer you comfort measures such as massage, and help you use active birth skills, breathing and relaxation
  • Support your partner during the labour
  • Offer breastfeeding support if requested
  • Meet with you again after the birth to discuss your labour with you.

Why choose an NCT Doula?

Research has shown that women who receive continuous support in labour are more likely to give birth spontaneously, less likely to use pain medications, more likely to be satisfied with their birth experience and have a slightly shorter labour.

As Mary Nolan, Professor of Perinatal Education, University of Worcester, states; “Lots of studies show that supportive care from a woman during labour, in addition to that given by a midwife, helps the mother to feel more in control. She is less likely to need pain medication and more likely to have a straightforward birth.”

Alongside these physical benefits, the support of an NCT Doula is designed to help women have a positive emotional experience of birth as well.

Rebecca Wierenga, who helped develop the course, says; “An NCT Doula can support you whether you choose to give birth at home, in a birth centre, or in hospital. She will be the constant presence during your labour which so many women and their partners find invaluable. She is on hand to listen to you, support your decisions and help you understand what is happening. She is there to help you have the kind of birth you want.”

For more information on NCT doulas visit the NCT website here

Contact us

email nctkentdoulas@gmail.com
or telephone/ text
Hannah 07786 359464

Or use this contact form


4 Responses to About

  1. Mary midwife says:

    Good luck to you both, we need more lovely doulas

  2. Never heard of NCT being Doula’s – great idea!

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